Classic Kitchens

We specialize in creating beautiful bespoke kitchens which are entirely tailored to you. Whether you dream of a kitchen which is classic or contemporary, traditional or high-tech, we’d love to look at your space and work with you to design and create a kitchen as stunning as it is perfectly practical. Come to us with an idea, a sketch or a plan, and we will produce individual furniture that will perfectly suit your lifestyle.

The classical style is elegant and timeless, which makes it a popular choice for kitchens. You don't want to feel like your kitchen needs decorating every few years; you want a kitchen that can stand the test of time, in terms of both style and substance.

We can supply and fit a range of classical kitchens, so whether it’s a chunky farmhouse feel you are looking for or a more old fashioned Victorian style, our experienced team will help to guide you through your options and ensure that you are happy with the final result.

Stunning design brought to a new level of personalized perfection. Paint adds refinement to a modern classic design, and gives you a sophisticated feel- and a finish customized to your taste. Colours, shades and hues in the right mixture can capture lines, enhance proportions, set off custom details, and bring out the striking features of your space.

Traditional kitchen design is timeless and is defined by neutral colour palettes and simple details and designs.

Design details are subtle or kept to a minimum rather than being obvious or overly ornate; cabinets are usually white or cream and doors are also kept very classic, either simple shaker doors or a shaker door with a bead moulding. In contrast to the cream or white doors is the use of black or dark stone worktops, whether granite, quartz or the large range of man-made stone alternatives available.

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