Inframe kitchens and frameless kitchens designs

When choosing cabinets, there are two types of construction to consider: inframe or frame-less cabinetry. Both provide endless design possibilities and their own unique advantages. Here are some things to consider as you decide which type of cabinet construction is best for you.
Inframed cabinetry, the cabinet doors are secured to the frame, which gives the cabinet strength and sturdiness. Face frame kitchen cabinets attach the door hinges to the frame face and shelves, and are usually, but not always, adjustable.

Inframe kitchen cabinets ensures squareness of the cabinet front. It also increases rigidity and provides a mounting point for hinges. Face-frames confer an appearance of strength and durability, and Face frame kitchen cabinets retain popularity in the Ireland. Every one of the cupboards and drawers that make up our bespoke kitchen designs are fully hand-built pieces of furniture, made by skilled craftsmen in our workshop. Each of them are made using traditional framed construction whereby the doors and drawers are jointed using a hardwood-to-hardwood fixing and secured with high-quality hinges to ensure that they will never drop.

Our hand painted kitchens can also be very easily refurbished in the future, giving you the option of completely changing the look of the room without changing the furniture. Our expert kitchen designers are on-hand throughout the project to advise and assist when choices need to be made.
Frame-less cabinet construction is a way of manufacturing cabinets that has become popular among homeowners seeking simple, more contemporary cabinet designs.
In frame-less construction, cabinets do not have a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. After they have been installed, all you will see are the flat door and drawer fronts, providing a sleek, simple aesthetic that can work with many design themes throughout the home.

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