inframe kitchen

An In-frame kitchen has the doors fitted within the frame of the cabinet, thus the frame becomes part of the whole design. The doors and drawer fronts of an in-frame design are therefore smaller than in a lay on design and the hinges can be visible.

 We also offer painted in-frame doors which allow the customer to coordinate their decor with their new kitchen.

When it comes to designing kitchens, in frame doors and cupboards provide the classic look. If you do not like the contemporary look or it is not suitable for the type of property you inhabit then the in frame style kitchen is best for you! The term in frame kitchen simply means that the doors & cupboards are mounted within a frame, just like the doors in the house, therefore they cannot drop once they are hung. Additionally, butt hinges are used in order to keep the doors in place.

We leave no stone upturned in our quest to bring you the finest craftsmanship in our kitchens. We are sticklers for demanding superb quality, we believe in honest pricing and we strive to offer outstanding service. With our highly skilled and friendly design team behind your kitchen project, you can be assured you will get the elegant kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.


The social hub of the home, the kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare food, but a multi functional space in which to congregate, eat and entertain. To this end, choosing a new kitchen that works in harmony with family life as well as your home’s unique features has never been more important. Investing in a bespoke design, handmade to order, will make the most of the space, enhance its functionality and add value to your home.

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